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Get ready to take control of your health!
Lose up to 1/2 a pound per day! 

*We have helped 12,000+ patients lose an average of 45 pounds each, totaling 540,000+ pounds lost via our program!

We understand that for people who have tried everything else it is hard to believe that there is a program that works. We are very open and transparent about or program and results. So we encourage you to read both the before & after stories we are sharing below to see what real people have been saying about the Ultimate Fat Loss Program both to us and about us.
— - Dr. Vactor and Staff

While many people don’t like carrying extra pounds, they often put off trying to lose weight because it’s so difficult to do. Others try every diet that comes along and still don’t succeed—so they finally just give up.

Vicky who is pictured below faced these same challenges until she went to see Dr. Michael Vactor, DC, and tried his Ultimate Fat Loss System. She has shed 104 pounds, weighs 20 pounds less now than she did on her wedding day 19 years ago and she has kept the weight off!

“I’ve been overweight since I had my daughter—and that was 18 years ago,” Fletcher explained of what made her try Dr. Vactor’s program. “That is way too long to be overweight.”

“It’s worked beautifully because I’m not hungry, so I never feel like I’m missing anything,” she added. “And watching the numbers on the scale move every day kept me motivated.”

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"Dr. Vactor and the team at Weight Loss North Pittsburgh:

I just wanted to drop a short note of thanks for your help.

My family has a history of Type Two diabetes. Knowing this, I tried to live a healthy lifestyle, exercising and watching my diet. Genetics eventually caught up with me and after several miserable years on blood pressure and diabetes medications, I had gastric bypass surgery. I lost weight but, more importantly, had normal blood sugar levels.

About three years ago, I noticed my weight was creeping up a bit and decided to start running again. Unfortunately, I discovered that, after running for a few days, my right knee would swell up and stay that way for a week or two. The problem kept getting worse until I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed a ruptured ACL and torn meniscus in my right knee.

Surgery had to be delayed a year because of a job change. During the wait, I gained more weight because my activity level was becoming increasingly limited. I began to worry about carrying all that extra weight for the surgery and the physical therapy that would follow. That’s when I came to your office. I was able to follow your program and drop the weight I had gained. Surgery went well, I sailed through physical therapy and I am back on two good knees once again!

Once again, thank you. Your weight-loss program really helped.

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Attached is a photo of me in my apron. Just to show how much weight I lost, I could barely tie this apron behind my back, let alone wrapped around with room to spare!"
- Michael D.

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*”I have tried many weight loss and exercise program’s in the past with no success. I have lost 31 lbs on Dr Vactor’s program. For me it is a safe and healthy way to lose weight with no side effects. I feel great. My feet and ankles are no longer swollen. I highly recommend the program.”
- Cathy T.


”I first learned of Dr. Vactor’s weight loss program when I was waiting for my hair appointment. I was a bit skeptic about the process since I have tried many diets programs in the past and have failed or worse yet, regained the weight.

"Me two weeks on the program and 56 pounds later!"

"Me two weeks on the program and 56 pounds later!"

As I was sitting in the chair getting my hair cut I really took a good look at myself and didn’t like what I saw. I thought about the program all the way home and called the same day! It was a little overwhelming but I was committed. I started the program that very week and never looked back.

So far I have lost 57 pounds and have kept it off!”
- Pam H.

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Eric Hagman of 93.7 The Fan & KDKA AM lost over 50 pounds while on Dr. Vactor’s program.