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  • "I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids"-Phil

  • "I lost 30 pounds. I am so happy and have so many complements!" -Anna

Are You Serious About Losing Weight?

Dr. Michael Vactor, D.C.’s Revolutionary weight loss program changes lives in the Pittsburgh Area.

When Eve Powell used to look in the mirror, she felt like a failure. She would berate herself for not eating the right foods or exercising, and she knew that each day, she was becoming unhealthier. Medical tests confirmed what she was seeing in her reflection and she knew that she had to do something to theĀ  weight off.

“I was desperate for a change,” explained Powell, who at the time weighted 233 pounds. “i went to one of Dr. Vactor’s workshops, and it turned my life around. Three months later, I was looking in the mirror, and all i could say was, ‘Wow!’” Powell lost 65 pounds and more than a year later, has kept it off.

Powell is just one of thousands of success stories credited to Dr. Michael Vactor’s amazing weight loss program. The four-pronged plan focuses on balancing hormones in the body naturally, removing toxins in the body on a cellular level, and balancing the body’s pH level. A healthy, alkaline-based food management plan helps users shed the pounds while natural liopropic drops are used to raise matabolic levels.

“one of the reasons that this plan works so well is that is speeds up the process of time,” says Dr. Vactor. “Most programs are very slow and people quit because they don’t see results and they are consistently hungry. the uniqueness of this program is that the products are all natural — there are no drugs or medications used, and people don’t even have to exercise. If you commit to following the process, you will succeed.”

Pastor Daniel Hardy, Jr. recalls his experience, “once you start weighting yourself and seeing those pounds drop off every day, you realize you can do it–sing those numbers drop is very motivating.” “I had faith in the program, but didn’t have faith in myself that I would follow it. But once you start shrinking, it is just so encouraging. And now that i know how to maintain my wight and what i need to do to keep it off, it’s easy. And Dr. Vactor and he staff are always there to talk to you and help you through it.”