Patti’s Story – Weight Loss Pittsburgh

*Individual results vary depending upon starting weight, adherence to the program, and other factors*


*Individual results vary depending upon starting weight, adherence to the program, and other factors*

Story Update From Patti’s Second Round:

“Hi Theresa,

I just wanted to send you an updated picture!
I have finished my final round of the program and have lost 67 pounds, 31 inches, 12 points in my BMI, and 12% of my body fat!

I am having so many people ask me about your program!


Dr. Vactor,

I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for all of your
staff’s help, support, and advice while I have been on your weight
loss program. It has changed my life in so many ways!

I had struggled with weight loss for so long now. I would try the
current program or fad, lose the weight, and then end up gaining it all
back PLUS more. I was told what foods to eat but not why. I simply ate
the pre-packaged food and moved on. I didn’t know why the weight was
coming back on, would get frustrated, and fall into the oh-so-familiar
downward spiral of giving up. My weight gain had caused so many health
problems – increased cholesterol, foot problems, restless sleep, and
low self-esteem. On top of all that, I have been taking thyroid
medication for over 10 years. I was told thyroid issues alone would make
it hard to lose weight. I figured I was just supposed to be overweight
and nothing was going to change that. That’s when I met you.

I attended one of your workshops with my sister and together we joined
your program on May 28th. At the time of sign-up, I weighed 207 pounds
with a body fat of 43% and a BMI of 36.7. These numbers alone were
shocking – how in the world did I let myself get this way and how can
this program help me. But, I was willing to make the commitment! As I
started the first two days of your program (pig out days), I was
thinking, “Really? How is eating all these fatty foods going to make
me lose weight?” But, I was optimistic that everything you and Teresa
told me would work. During the VCLD phase, I religiously watched what I
ate and drank my alkaline water. Normally, I would be starving my myself
and exercising like crazy. But, I was assured that exercise was not
necessary during this phase. So, I let the program do its job. And, a
wonderful thing started happening! Every day, I would see results on my
scale. Every day, I would see the results of the program. And, I slowly
changed from “Can I do this?” to “I can do this!” Even while
taking my thyroid medication, I was seeing about a half pound come off
the scale every day! The support I received from your staff, especially
Teresa, was the best I’ve EVER experienced. Teresa has been with me
every step of the way. I would email her odd questions at all hours of
the day and Teresa was there with prompt answers, suggestions, and
praise. I could not have done it without her!!

I completed the VCLD program in July. I lost 28 pounds, lowered my body
fat by 3.7%, dropped 4.8 points in BMI, and lost 11” of fat in 43
days! Even with my thyroid issues! NOTHING has worked like this before.
I easily kept the weight off during the maintenance phase of the program
and even managed to lose an additional 2 pounds. The difference was, I
knew what kinds of foods I could eat, which foods were my triggers for
weight gain, and what to do to make my body look and function the way it
needs to.

I was so pleased with my results at the end of this program that I did
another round. I am happy to report that so far I have lost 41 pounds,
lowered my body fat by 6%, dropped 7.6 points in BMI, and lost 16” of
fat! My cholesterol is the lowest it’s ever been, my foot problems are
gone, I sleep great, and my self-esteem is off the charts! I never
thought that I would say this but I LOOK GREAT!! And, it’s all because
of your program.

With all this great success, I am going to continue on another round of
your program to get my BMI within the normal range. I am confident that
I will succeed! I would recommend your program to anyone who has had
problems losing weight in the past. This program works and I am living

Thank you Dr. Vactor, Maggie, and especially Teresa!!

You’ve given me my life back!


*Individual results vary depending upon starting weight, adherence to the program, and other factors*